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Our ROLLBOB® is coming to St. Martin, Austria

Next summer the first ROLLBOB® track in the Salzburger Land will go into operation...

In 2022, it will finally be time. The ROLLBOB® will be launched in the Austrian municipality of St. Martin next summer. We are looking forward to bringing the 886 m long track to the Tennen Mountains.

Passengers will be able to whizz down the slope at speeds of up to 40 km/h. The sustainable near-ground rail guidance does not only ensure a minimal intervention in nature, but also a slope-individual experience. Moreover, a thrilling ride is not only reserved for adult guests. When accompanied, children as young as four will be able to enjoy a ride with one of the twelve ROLLBOB®s next year in St. Martin.


Go-ahead for ROLLBOB® in St. Martin/Austria