Alpine adventure worlds

created in and with nature

Alpine adventure worlds

holistic, individual and authentic

Mountain Innovations specialises in orchestrating modern alpine experiences and alpine adventure worlds in and with nature.
An authentic and individual design of all elements as well as a consistent and a holistic storyline are of prime importance and play a vital and elementary part.


Individual theming

In consideration of the local and existing features, resources and unique selling points, individual and profitable theming concepts will be developed in cooperation with all partners. Current, promising trends and ecological considerations such as environmental protection as well as pre-existing philosophies and approaches will, of course, all be taken into account during this process. 

Authentic design

The design options for each of Mountain Innovations’ adventure offers are exciting, multifaceted and exceptional. There are no limits to individual design: everything is possible, from an individual “look and feel” to conceptual and thematic design integrations.

Innovative technologies

Unique visitor experiences may happen on multiple levels and various channels of perception. Therefore, innovative technologies are enriched with interactive elements in order to provoke a unique and multisensory wow-effect. This includes an appeal to cognitive senses through sound engineering, the use of digital media, and projections as well as a playful incorporation of virtual and augmented reality, combined with real (local) Points of Interest (POI).


Methods for imparting knowledge used sensibly and purposefully and combined with new technologies allow children, teenagers, and adults to fully immerse themselves individually, playfully, and excitingly with the offered topics and themes. Entertaining (learning) content is not just attractive and pleasing but may also amplify interest and motivation to actively participate both mentally and physically.