Mountain Tower

as individual as the natural setting

Mountain Tower

360° views from an exceptional perspective

The moving observation platform Mountain Tower offers a one-of-a-kind experience between heaven and earth. Evenly aligned with hard-shell seats in pairs, the tower combines a unique riding experience with exceptional panoramic views. This extraordinary attraction for people of all ages offers space for up to ten passengers at a time. Individually adaptable, the gentle or quick rotary and vertical movements up to ten metres above the ground offer views of the surrounding mountains from a completely different perspective.
The Mountain Tower’s robust design enables all year-round operation, even in harsh, alpine conditions.
Rotation speed, direction of travel or rhythm of vertical movement can be individually set by the operator, ensuring versatility and flexibility.  The exterior design can be tailor-made and may range from a tree trunk or trolls’ hideaway to regional mascots or logos. Each Mountain Tower is therefore as individual as the environment it is incorporated into. Additional light staging enables operation in the evening or at night-time, making the tower easily recognisable from a distance, even in the dark - just like an authentic landmark.

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Mountain Tower

Individual theming

The versatile design options for Mountain Innovations’ adventure offers certainly also apply to the Mountain Tower. Adaptations to already existing theme worlds as well as the placing into different landscapes and environments allow great room for imagination. Concepts such as “Tree of Life”, “Natural Power” and “Home of Troll” give insight into the great scope for design with regard to individual themes and visualisations. 


Tree of Life

Immersion into nature

The natural design of the “Tree of Life” allows for a particularly considerate integration into the natural landscape. As reference to the surrounding nature, its facade is covered with elements of the local flora and fauna, making it blend in perfectly. Its exterior design playfully gives insight into the local plants and wildlife. Information projected onto the inner wall of the tower provides visitors with knowledge about the respective habitat in a lively and refreshing way. This “Tree of Life” concept is also ideal for a step-by-step expansion when required. 


Natural Power

Discover future-oriented energies

The “Natural Power” design concept is a real eyecatcher. As symbols for renewable energies, the elements wind, water and sun as well as human energy are lined up in curved columns around the tower. These should aim to clarify the forces of nature and evoke associations of an optimal relationship between nature, humans and movement. The human component is represented by a bicycle, with which a visitor’s own strength may be discovered and converted into energy. This theming concept “Natural Power” is also individually extendable. 


Home of Troll

Mystical world of the forest spirits

With a focus on the forest as a playful alpine theme, the “Home of Troll” concept is ideally suited for harmonious integration into the natural surroundings. Additional interactive elements further stimulate an active engagement with the habitat of the alpine forest. Visitors become part of this hidden world full of trolls, dwarfs or gnomes. With this design, there is even the option of being elevated into the trolls’ tree house to intensify the experience of discovering the world of forest spirits. The addition of further components to this “Home of Troll” design can be carried out easily at any time.


Mountain Tower

Safety first

Mountain Innovations draws on almost 100 years of know-how when it comes to the highest safety standards and internationally recognised certifications.
The Mountain Tower offers an absolutely safe riding experience. It is equipped with a redundant locking mechanism in the safety bail system that checks and ensures that the locking of the restraint mechanism is in place before every use. This redundant lifting mechanism as well as the hydraulic shock absorbers guarantee maximum safety. The mandatory daily functional tests require a check of the system’s functionality before operation is enabled. The Mountain Tower is furthermore equipped with a wind sensor that forces operation to stop automatically in the event of high winds. In order to protect passengers from falling snow and ice, the tower’s maintenance platform allows clearance of all weather-related residues.

As a premium provider, Mountain Innovations works according to the highest valid safety standards. Each Mountain Tower is designed and realised in adherence to the latest norms and standards. To guarantee this, Mountain Innovations continuously cooperates with various notified bodies and certified institutions at national and international levels.