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Finding partnerships through networking

Mountain Innovations is looking for partners with whom future projects and ideas can be developed together...

Tourism in the alpine region has been subject to extreme change over the past 30 years. From thinking to the next lift support, which in the past partly shaped the cable car industry, a development has taken place towards a holistic philosophy: Today, people think long-term and plan with foresight. One-dimensional became multi-layered – fast-paced became sustainable. Transport companies have long since realised that there is more to a satisfying guest experience than simply getting the guest up the mountain as quickly as possible.

It is not only the ropeway companies that are challenged to make tourist destinations in the Alps successful. It is important to think in larger organisational units and to make the best possible use of existing resources. Integrated tourism businesses have to bring different business units together in a meaningful way and fully exploit the common potential. In order to offer guests the all-encompassing, perfect mountain experience, many different players have to be get on board. From gastronomy and accommodation to tourism marketing to bus companies, teamwork is needed.

Promoting alpine tourism together

Who better to continue the positive trend in alpine tourism and to play a more active role in shaping the future of the industry than those players who create the alpine experience in the mountains? It takes innovative companies that think outside the box.

That is why we want to take up the current drive for innovation and not only initiate projects, but also network and accompany them. Integrated tourism organisations find support in the implementation of their projects in the Mountain Innovations Lab and are warmly welcome to get inspiration and share their approaches.

We are looking forward to a lively exchange with all kinds of players in the tourism industry. Cable car companies, municipalities, associations, investors - the initial spark for the next innovative project can come from various directions.