Rollbob®-Track Zams/Austria

Venet Bob – the roller coaster in the Alps
The ideal choice for a top experience at the mountain.

Since 2019. you can enjoy new adrenalin flashes on top of the pleasure mountain Venet. At a length of more than 800 meters the bob track offers real roller coaster feeling.
Smart curves and rapid straights guarantee action fun high above the clouds with a maximum speed of up to 40 km/h.

After the speedy descent each passenger will be transported back to the start within in the bob.


  • Height Difference
    97.5 Meter

    Height Difference
  • Length of Bob Track
    806.8 Meter

    Length of Bob Track
  • Capacity
    11 Bobs

  • Max. Speed
    40 km/h

    Max. Speed