Rollbob® - leisure magnet at the mountain

Dynamic, innovative and still elegantly adapted to the natural environment - The individual rollbob track combines an incomparable driving experience with a track guidance close to the ground. In addition to maximum safety, the closed bobsleigh shells also convey the feeling of a bobsleigh ice rink - for all riders, from beginners to professionals. The concept of a rail-guided bob track that can be used all year round is unique in this form. In addition to safety and driving pleasure, the small curve radius and space-saving construction are among the special features of the leisure facility. Each terrain is 3D scanned in order to be able to adapt the bobsleigh track individually to the natural conditions. Thanks to the modular design, the track can be assembled quickly and easily. Depending on the difference in altitude and the slope of the terrain, passengers experience an action-packed downhill ride with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

Rollbob® - Dynamic. Safe. Unique. (Folder)



Rollbob - Features

Due to the different track layouts and natural conditions, each rollbob track is unique - to intense this effect, the track can be expanded with various elements. In addition to individual theming, special elements such as the tornado, the catapult or special parking systems for the bobs are also available. With these expansion options, every Rollbob track becomes a unique experience for the whole family.