Mountain Tower

Mountain Tower – the new alpine leisure experience

Safe, adapted to nature and simultanously breathtaking – these are the characteristics of the Mountain Tower.
The leisure experience is specially integrated into the surroundings and combines freefall, rotation and jumps. This gives passengers not only a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, but also a mix of action and thrills.

In addition, the Mountain Tower can be customized as desired. A combination of storytelling and theming creates an individual experience around the attraction. The Mountain Tower can be integrated into existing theme worlds or used as a stand-alone monument. In addition to the visual design, the theming also includes the use of sound, digital media and projections. If the customer wishes, the ride style can also be linked to the theming. Appropriate information and educational signs give the attraction an additional educational component.

To illustrate these theming possibilities, three design concepts can be found below.
In the "Tree of Life" concept, the freefall attraction is placed in a hollowed-out tree trunk and surrounded by forest animals, embedding the attraction in the natural environment. The "Natural Power" concept specifically introduces children to the topic of future-oriented energies. The Mountain Tower is surrounded by four pillars representing different renewable energies. The "Home of Troll" takes passengers into a magical world of peaceful forest spirits. During the ride, they can catch a glimpse of the tree house and the habitat of the forest spirits.